St Colm’s International House Objectives


  1. Develop and promote St Colm’s as an international meeting place
  2. Enhance facilities for guests and groups
  3. International Leadership Training Courses developed and marketed
  4. Web based learning, support and discussion

A Place of Meeting

St Colm’s International House is ideally located as the meeting place for individuals from the business, not-for-profit and government sectors to meet around issues of common concern. Our vision is to develop St Colm’s as an exciting place to visit a House where unlikely conversations can take place over food and where everyone feels at home.

Our Round Table dinners will gather business leaders, community leaders and international guests with no Agenda beyond sharing food and conversation. The food will be excellent and we have even greater hopes for the conversation. The Chief Executive of a Scottish-based Bank may sit next to the founder of the internationally acclaimed Grameen Bank for the poor in Bangladesh or a Credit Union organiser from Easterhouse.

Our starting point will be shared food. With no Agenda, Minutes or records this will be a precious time of encounter and learning for all our invited guests.

International residents

At the heart of St Colm’s is an international community of people who are studying or working in Edinburgh and who share the vision of St Colm’s as a place which can provide transforming international experience. Their commitment to St Colm’s is to share in our work of building links between the UK and the developing world.

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International Leadership Courses

St Colm’s will continue to develop innovative short residential Courses, which balance training input with opportunities for reflection and the exchange of experience. Our highly successful English Language and Leadership Course (6 weeks residential) was designed to meet the needs of emerging leaders in organisations in the developing world. The balance of English language with business skills, organisational psychology and strategic management provides a cocktail of skills and networking opportunities, which make a real difference to the individuals, and the organisations they serve.

We have developed a Web site, which can be accessed by World Exchange volunteers, International House course participants and the staff of partner projects. This enables people to stay connected with us and with one another long after their direct experience of volunteering or studying in St Colm’s. Joint funding bids, information, news and events can all be exchanged freely within the site.