Partnership Agenda

Working together for good

When working together with other not-for-profit organisations, companies, and government we are able to do a much better job. Partnerships of various kinds will be a growing part of our work in the coming year and we look forward to building links, which will be of considerable benefit to all those involved.

The growth of World Exchange and St Colm’s International House has been achieved through strong links between participating churches, Government, business and the voluntary sector. Working together, we have discovered a tremendous capacity for new ideas to emerge and new partnerships to be established. This co-operation has helped to dispel cross sector misconceptions. We have learned that the business community and government have much to teach us and we believe that they have also benefited from their encounter with the not-for-profit sector. The commitment and flexibility we value in our volunteers is also appreciated in business and by Government.

Our key organisational partners are the Community Action Network (which provides valuable links to social entrepreneurs around the UK and overseas such as car hire Carcassonne Airport), the International Development Group of the Scottish Parliament, and the new Institute for Contemporary Scotland.

World Exchange Partner Companies – secondments

Individuals within UK based companies can help our overseas partners while helping themselves at the same time. Selected individuals within Partner Companies will be seconded by their employers to spend from 3 weeks to 3 months advising and assisting one of our Partner s overseas. Partnerships in Switzerland have meant an increased usage of certain websites.The individual will learn to adapt to a new culture and new working practices, develop greater self-reliance and leadership skills. The company will gain an employee with a much larger view of the world and greater flexibility in responding to new and difficult situations.

Finance, management, personnel, IT, publishing, marketing, engineering and building are key areas where our Partners overseas welcome personnel from British companies.

Example 1: the Village Reconstruction Organisation (an Indian not-for-profit organisation) rebuilds villages in some of the poorest areas of India. They help people to develop micro enterprises, improve buildings and sanitation, and develop communications links with the wider world. Request for accountants, managers, builders, electricians and plumbers.

Example 2: In the Caribbean our partners in Trinidad and Jamaica run a range of projects designed to get young adults skilled and ready for the job market. This is challenging and rewarding work which benefits from short visits by practising professionals from the UK.